Yayoi Kusama is an avant-garde Japanese artist whose collaboration with Louis Vuitton will be launching July 10th. I may not be the biggest fan of head-to-toe, two-tone polka dot or "LV" across my handbags (or any label for that matter), but I admire Kusama's vision and experimental use of a simple pattern. As a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist, I am constantly pushed to think outside the box and it's designers like Kusama who tickle my right brain. Her window installations (below) are eye-catching and absolutely fantastical. This collaboration is coined "Infinitely Kusama" and will be a collection of clothing, shoes, minimal accessories and yes...all entirely covered in spots. Brace yourself.  And if anything's for sure, I want me some neon wigs! xx Marissa
{LV windows}
**For further details, read Kusama's feature in this month's Wallpaper* magazine. 


I felt completely out of the loop this morning when I read an article about the BaubleBarGranted I was in the waiting room awaiting six cavities and anything would have lifted my spirits at that point, but this was a truly great find. BB offers a large variety of designer jewelry for every style and at very affordable prices (I'm talkin' student budget affordable). They also offer free shipping, free pre-paid returns, and $10 off your first purchase! Seriously, I gotta give it up to the two NYC gals who started this company. Here is a round-up of my favorite pieces. Happy Friday! xx Marissa

PS: Has anyone purchased from BaubleBar before? I'd love to see your picks and hear about your experience. 


Truly inspired by the hard edges, sparkle, and endless mixing of color. A great accessorizing element when you need to bring in or wear something unique. xx Marissa 
DIY: Geode Bottle Stoppers / Pippa Geode Ring (top) / White Druzy Ring (bottom) / Geode Wall / Cutout Mini Dress / DIY Drawer Knob / Smoky Quartz Geode


Pattern and color is playing a larger role in my wardrobe and home decor than ever before. Maybe it's me being more comfortable with who I am as a woman or maybe I just grew some balls; either way this fabric feature in this month's Elle Decor got the brain pumpin'. xx marissa 


I don't subscribe to many e-newsletters and more often than not, I find myself taking the time to manually unsubscribe if I see one in my inbox. However, there are exceptions to every rule and GOOP is just that. A weekly email written and curated by Gwyneth Paltrow that is relaxing to read and filled with authentic and compelling content. I enjoy reading it so much that I purposely save it to be my last email read of the day. Who knows, maybe the 'goop cleanse' is the true key to success. Stay in the know: Follow.  Like.  Subscribe.  xx marissa


I am an animal lov-ah. Unfortunately, I can't have a pet due to the landlord dictatorship, but once freed it will be a zoo including: pandas, kittens, dogs, and baby elephants. The lack of the Dalmatian breed has had me puzzled for years, but I'm happy to see them gaining some much needed attention again;  *ahem* cover of May's Elle Decor! And also the frequent pup at my local Yogurtland. ...Which leads me to the question: where have they been? xx marissa

Dalmatian Dog Print // Nail Wraps // Baby Shoe Charm // Crossbody Bag // Bette T-Straps // Print Pillow // Screen Print // Hearty Dalmatian


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the restaurant design segment of the AIGA Idea Series where the top three designers in San Diego (Michael Soriano, Paul Basile, and Barbara Rourke) spoke about their recent and upcoming projects, how they get inspired, working with the budget, and most importantly, their clientele pet peeves. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm on the verge of stalker-status when it comes to Soriano's design, but I just can't help myself when great design continues to pop-up around town. xx Marissa     
{Hosted at The Neuroscience Institute - La Jolla}
{The Pearl Hotel - Point Loma}
{Raglan Public House - OB}
{Vin De Syrah - Gaslamp}
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