Yayoi Kusama is an avant-garde Japanese artist whose collaboration with Louis Vuitton will be launching July 10th. I may not be the biggest fan of head-to-toe, two-tone polka dot or "LV" across my handbags (or any label for that matter), but I admire Kusama's vision and experimental use of a simple pattern. As a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist, I am constantly pushed to think outside the box and it's designers like Kusama who tickle my right brain. Her window installations (below) are eye-catching and absolutely fantastical. This collaboration is coined "Infinitely Kusama" and will be a collection of clothing, shoes, minimal accessories and yes...all entirely covered in spots. Brace yourself.  And if anything's for sure, I want me some neon wigs! xx Marissa
{LV windows}
**For further details, read Kusama's feature in this month's Wallpaper* magazine. 

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